Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Solo Style

It's Valentines Day. As a doomed single bitch isn't it my duty to write? Precisely. So lets get the pleasantries out the way: it's not the thought that counts. I want the gift. I know, bad girl. But look at it this way, four "Happy Valentine's Day" text messages later from men who presumably want to bed me (or have in one instance), you can shove your well wishing where the sun doesn't shine. Please take this as a Public Service Announcement. You're welcome. 

Now, let's pretend for a moment that I didn't cry like a punk yesterday. Oh, no wait I did. It's not because I won't be getting a floral arrangement, edible arrangement or heart shaped pizza.  I guess you could say I wanted something. A feeling. That's not what I got. Actually I felt every emotion but the one I thought I was looking for. Let the record reflect I'm still sorting my way through this thing called like, that's right if I can't even properly like someone how in the hell am I going to find love. We can dive into this a little deeper in the not so distant future but for now lets stay on topic. Yeah, lets do that. 

See I had a plan. A girl with a plan is dangerous. A girl with a plan B is not be fucked with. I was going to go on a man detox, actually it was more like a dick detox. But in typical bend the rule behavior I added an asterisk & said no new men and absolutely no new "you know what's." Meaning the few I had come to hang out with regularly in 2012 I could keep carrying on with. Win-win, right? Eh.

I was asked today, is it Thursday or is it Valentine's Day. With zero hesitation I said its Valentine's Day! That has to be a good sign, right? Right! I don't think being single on this particular day of the year is worse than any other. This coming from a girl who spent quite a few NYE's watching my friends smooch at the strike of midnight. I'll live. I bought myself a bottle of wine & bag of gummy bears. Oh, throw in a chocolate iced donut and you got the makings of a happy single broad.

Eat your heart out Cupid!

XO, Miss BB

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