Sunday, May 26, 2013

And the Nominee is...

And much in the sentiment of Jennifer Lawrence, YES! 
PS-I'm not alone is being a total fangirl of her am I? I mean she makes quirky sexy and I totally want to be like that too. This girl right here, has set bar pretty high in the goals department. Just sayin'! 

The Indie Chicks is an online magazine for the passionate, ambitious, self empowered badass craving inspiration, motivation & a community of like minded chicks. I'd like to thank Google for that concise synopsis but this picture from their website says it all & very well might I add: 

My new love mission is to find myself an indie dick! 

I got totally distracted from the point of all this but how can you go wrong with Jennifer Lawrence and using the word dick in a not dirty way. I'm a nominee in the "Best Sex, Dating & Relationship Blog" & I need your support to win! Here's what you need to do: 

2. Scroll to my category, Best Sex, Dating & Relationship Blog 
3. Vote for "From Bitter Bitch to Party of One" 
4. If your love for me knows no limits enlist someone know you to vote too! 

Voting ends May 31st & the winner is crowned June 3rd! 

Me the best. I like the sound of that. 
XO, Miss BB 

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