Saturday, May 4, 2013

Operation Dating Detox: Week #1

Let me catch you up. I’ve took a rather big step by deciding to take one humungous step away from dating at least that’s where it started. You can read all about that, here in my bi-weekly column for Singles Warehouse. Can I call it a column? I just did didn’t I? Seems like a very Carrie approach to something that is actually rather fulfilling. Imagine that, in around 700 words I’m able to say exactly what I need to, admit that I suck at this called dating & point and laugh at myself. It was in the three days leading up to my official kick off that I opted to include detoxing from my social media sickness. People I know, the things said people share or don’t for that matter bother me more than I should allow it. So if I’m going to take the plunge then why not really plunge, right? Right.

I’m calling this week "Enough is Enough"

The good news is that today marks Day #5 and I’ve done some things right and in typical Miss BB fashion I’ve done some things wrong. Let’s start with the good shit:

1.  I ran twice this week. I should have run today. I didn’t. The reason this is a good thing is because on Wednesday I didn’t let anything get in the way and I need to keep that energy moving forward. Life is always going to be demanding of us in one way or another. It’s our job to tell life, “You know what life I’m going to press pause for thirty minutes, turn up the music & walk/run when my 5K app tells me to. Catch you on the flip side.”  

2. I haven’t been on Facebook all week! Five whole days of not distracting myself from what I should be doing or letting what other people are doing bother me. Oh, I’ve also given up Instagramming. If you know me then you know this one is a toughie. I love taking pictures and then uploading them to Instagram. I mean isn’t that what you do? There is a certain someone whose pictures I see and I literally think everything from awww to motherfucker please, true story.

 And now for the bad shit:

I’m going to change the name of one of my main characters. I wonder if I’m allowed to do that. I don’t give damn if I can or not because I’m going to. I’ve affectionately called him Big Fun from here on out he’ll be known as Mr. Disappointment. This is more true to his character & I’m hoping that by typing the word disappointment my brain will catch up to my feelings. It’s currently 4:11am as I type this. I received a text from Mr. Disappointment at 1:39am asking me question. I answered said question and was left feeling what I do most of the time, disappointed. I decided that instead of getting mad I’m going to get over it. I feel better already. See I’ve let him know at least up to now that how he behaves is okay. Three words: It is not. And come to think of it he’s not as stupid as he acts and I think he knows & I’ve said as much, so I guess there’s that.  

Have you ever played out a conversation in your head? I woke up and started to do exactly that, which prompted this little midnight writing session. I don’t know what I’m going to say. I’m going to let him do one of two things, respond or not address it all. The latter is his unspoken specialty. Wait, this is a good thing! What the hell? I’m not taking my usual snarky bitch approach which I should thank him for allowing me to perfect. I guess you could say that passive aggressiveness comes quite naturally and letting it out in small doses helps me to avoid becoming aggressive aggressive It’s a little known fact that I have a nasty ass temper. Maybe I should address that in an upcoming week?

For now though, I can look back and say that even when I think I’m the world’s biggest hot mess I’m not. I’m just a thirty year old single woman who wants to figure myself out a little better so that when I do find Mr. Right for Me I’ll be ready.

See you next week. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

XO, Miss BB 


  1. You can definitely call your SW writing a column!!! Dating Detox sounds good, I might try it out, it couldn't hurt!

    1. Thanks Miss Merry! It's more work than even I had prepared for.

  2. Running? No Facebook? What is this madness? i need to follow your lead!!

    1. Please do! I need all the support I can get :)