Friday, May 30, 2014

Guest Post: Onwards and Upwards, Over and Out

I've got a treat for you in the form of a guest post from blogger & PR Specialist for Dateinadash, London's leading Speed Dating hosts! She's a creative and bubbly soul who loves writing about all things related to the world of dating, relationships and of course speed dating. Which is what she is about to school us all on...

When it's time to move on and start dating, why not try Speed Dating? 

After a failed relationship it is natural to be wary about getting back into the dating game again but panic not; having faith in yourself and knowing your own self worth is a must. Girls-in such instances remember to keep your chip up and smile. The sexiest thing a girl can wear is a smile and trust me; we are the ones calling the shots soooooo...onwards and upwards as the saying goes!

Of course, as with any breakup you may feel vulnerable and worried about getting hurt again if you plough straight into a new relationship or that you may be unable to trust again but staying positive and having fun is the key to finding happiness.

While some of your trusty pals may suggest dating straight away after your last love interest, taking time to get your bearings, heal from your wounds and begin to deal with the separation in your won way is most certainly key! You need time to adjust, discover things about yourself and take the time to reflect and learn from past relationships. But that said, when you are ready to start having fun again, want to flirt and mingle with lots of new singletons, why not embrace the opportunities you find and really start enjoying yourself again?

If you are a little bit excited at the prospect of meeting new people and see dating as one big adventure where you get to meet lots of new and exciting people, you're good to go. So, go...what is stopping you?

A trip into your local area to visit to a swish bar, a friendly pub or chic hang out may just bring a smile to your face if you find someone who takes your fancy. But for those wanting something a little more organised, without the "first date" nerves or awkwardness, why not consider speed dating as a way to get out, enjoy yourself and potentially find someone you share a connection with?

Speed dating has been around for a number of years now but has never been so popular as a method to meet the opposite sex. London speed dating hosts, Dateinadash state that their fresh and original speed dating events across the UK bring lost of sexy singles together, each and every month with a whole range of events to suit everyone's idea of a good night! From singles parties, wine tasting nights to gay speed dating, and from singles pub crawls, elite speed dating evenings and lock and key parties to name just a few, Dateinadash are excelling in the world of matchmaking.

But what can you expect from such new fangled ways of dating?

Firstly, a trendy venue, hoards of single people looking for a great night coupled with a tasteful d├ęcor, ambient lighting, and modern furniture sets the scene. Rock up to the bar for a drink to calm your nerves (if you should have any!) and cheekily check out the bevy of sexy singles that have all come out for the same reason; to meet, greet, chat and flirt with other people in the same boat. And then, let the fun commence.

Of course, as with anything in life, a new experience can be daunting but once you have relaxed, you can enjoy the chance to talk with over twenty people all in the search for their ideal partner. A very lovely and enthusiastic host will give a brief to the night and explain what is hoped from the speed dating event and then the real fun begins. A whistle indicates the start of the event and then after four minutes of nattering away, the whistle blows again and you then have one minute to discreetly mark on your scorecard whether your speed date tickles your fancy or not and if you would like to see them again by indicating on your card, either "yes," "no" or "friend." It really is as simple as that!

The men the swiftly move onto the next table while the luscious ladies remain in their seats, and while there may be some that you wouldn't want to see again due to awkward silences and lame conversations (and you spend all your time politely smiling at them praying for the whistle to sound!), there is a strong likelihood that you will find someone you really get along with. Well that is the hope. Come the end of the night, everyone happily trots on home and within 24 hours, receives their matches via email so they can continue in their quest for love.

For those lucky enough to receive a match, the rest is down to you and when you meet someone you click with, it could well be the start of something special but only time will tell...but on the flip side, if you receive no matches at all, you will be invited to return for another event absolutely free of charge! So, what do you have to lose but everything to gain? Zilch.

Keeping fingers crossed for you all in your search for love,



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