Friday, April 19, 2013

Happies n' Crappies: Take #1

I'm a huge fan of The Vintage Modern Wife & when I saw the opportunity to get my Happies & Crappies on I decided to join in on the fun! 


#1 I finally have a theme & vision for the bridal shower I'm hosting for my bestie! 

#2 From time to time I wake up in the middle of the night and will start writing a blog in my head. Normally I try to quiet my mind and get back to snoozing. Except this week when it happened, I didn't! I It took the better part of the day but I got it posted the same day too. 

#3 I'm going out Saturday night to celebrate my friends "Double B," birthday & bon voyage. I'm planning to wear a dress I haven't worn in a year too! Oh, when I tried it on today it zipped with no problem. Yay for not having to do the Irish jig to get it up. 

#4 I tried two new workouts courtesy of PopSugar and they kicked my butt! Like in the best way possible. I'm sore. I did the 10-Minute Tabata Workout &  Victoria Secret Ab Workout because who the hell doesn't want abs like a Victoria Secret Model, sign me up! 

#1 All of the devastation that's taken place. From the Boston marathon bombing to the plant in Texas blowing up. There are innocent people dead & facing unimaginable pain.

#2 Facing my flaws is hard. Today I admitted to holding grudges, being needy & asking for too much. In reference to the last two it has more to with my questionable taste in men. If you're reading this I beg you, I mean encourage you to read all about it. 

#3 My eyes are itchy. The pollen is out on full force & kicking my butt! I hate when I wait until it's too late to take allergy medicine. 

XO, Miss BB 


  1. That's great that you faced your flaws! I wouldn't say they're flaws, though, since they can be changed! Right? I may have come up with own definition for "flaw". But I think those things are also just "being a girl", which is definitely not a flaw.

    Congrats on your VS workout! Good luck getting results - abs are seriously the worst.

    I have a preggo blog!

  2. More happies than crappies. Good!

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    2. Always better to have more happy than crappy!